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9th Global Nitrogen Conference (N2024)

Monday 5 February 2024 - Thursday 8 February 2024

: New Delhi
This event has now ended and is archived

Our Dr Yuri Artioli is attending the upcoming 9th Global Nitrogen Conference (N2024), held from 5th - 8th February in New Delhi, where whe will present on 'Modelling Marine Nitrogen Budgets to Assess Drivers And Impacts of Nitrogen Pollution', the full programme can be found here >> 

Find out more about the event here >>

Event description:

Reactive nitrogen (Nr) compounds could be a boon in the right place, such as nutrient-deficient soils or food systems, but also a bane in the wrong place, when they accumulate in our air, water or upper atmosphere. While there is too little Nr for food security in some regions, its excess causes Nr pollution in most other parts of the world. This is one of the most important threats facing our planet’s sustainability, hampering our ability to meet the sustainable development goals including, but not limited to human health, environment, biodiversity and climate change. The main concerns are the global rise in anthropogenic NOx emissions from fossil fuel and waste burning, apart from N2O and NH3 emissions to air and leakage of nitrate and ammonium to water bodies, predominantly from inefficient use of synthetic fertilizers and manures. Managing this delicate balance between environmental protection and agricultural/industrial production is our central challenge in this era of global change. Over the last two decades, the triennial conferences of the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI) brought together the latest research findings to the attention of scientists, governments intergovernmental agencies and the civil society. This has led to two UNEA resolutions on Sustainable Nitrogen Management, a growing ambition of halving nitrogen waste, the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy (the food system pillar of the European Green Deal) and the recent post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. The 9th International Nitrogen Conference will showcase the latest research on all aspects of reactive nitrogen production, use and loss, across all sectors and its impacts. It also brings together a wide array of international stakeholders to promote awareness and accelerate action towards sustainable nitrogen management. We hope you can join us!