Governance & Structure

In 2002 PML became an independent company limited by guarantee (clg) with charitable status; company number 4178503; charity registration number 1091222. We are governed in accordance with charity law by a Board of Trustees, who are also Directors under company law.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our governance arrangements by adopting best practice from the charity sector and from the corporate sector where appropriate.

Our current Board membership reflects the need to have both strong scientific as well as business representation.

In addition to the main Board we also have two sub-committees: The Audit & Finance Committee and Science Advisory Council.

Meet our Board Members


How we operate

Our Chief Executive, Prof. Icarus Allen, has delegated responsibility from our Board for the day-to-day running of the organisation and chairs our Senior Management Team.

Operational support is delivered through our various Heads of Group under the leadership of our Chief Executive. 

Meet the rest of the team

Senior Management Team

Professor Icarus Allen
Chief Executive
Beverly Tremain
Company Secretary
C Turner
Finance Director
Professor Steve Widdicombe
Head of Science - Marine Ecology and Biodiversity
Julia Davy
Head of Human Resources

Heads of Science

Professor Melanie Austen
Head of Science - Sea and Society
Jerry Blackford
Head of Science - Marine Ecosystems Models & Predictions
Steve Groom
Head of Science - Earth Observation Science and Applications
Dr Tim Smyth
Head of Science - Marine Biogeochemistry and Ocean observations
Professor Steve Widdicombe
Head of Science - Marine Ecology and Biodiversity

Organizational diagram

Organisational chart showing company staff structure