About us

As a charity we aim to develop and apply innovative marine science to ensure a sustainable future for our ocean.

For over 40 years we have provided evidence-based environmental solutions to societal challenges by applying cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research that benefits society and promotes stewardship of marine ecosystems. Since 2002, and in association with a wide range of national and international partners, we have provided these capabilities as an independent company limited by guarantee with charitable status.

The impact of our science is far-reaching ranging from highly cited scientific papers, to providing scientific evidence for policy and training the next generation of marine scientists. Through the delivery of our science plan we are also contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals to promote healthy, productive and resilient oceans and seas.

We also have a commercial trading subsidiary, PML Applications Ltd, which delivers services, products and solutions related to the marine environment in key sectors such as ballast water management and biofouling.

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Our core values

PML Core values shown as icons - Collaboration, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Meanignfulness, Respect and Responsibility
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