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ERSEM (European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model)

ERSEM Schematic

Active project

Project start: January 2016  |  Project end: February 2032
Funder: NERC
Principal Investigator: Jerry Blackford
Other participants from PML: Dr Yuri Artioli, Dr James Clark, Dr Gennadi Lessin, Dr Helen Powley

An ecosystem model is an abstract, usually mathematical, representation of an ecological system, which is studied to gain understanding of the real system. ERSEM addresses biogeochemical and ecological systems in many applications in global regional seas and more recently the global ocean, engaging in a range of problem solving, predictive and impact studies.

PML was part of the original consortium which developed ERSEM, and has since continued to develop the original model, finding applications in a number of fields. ERSEM is currently one of the most complex lower trophic level models in use and its philosophy is to include all processes that may significantly influence ecosystem dynamics.

Code and documentation

The ERSEM code and documentation is open access and can be found on the links below:

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We strongly encourage everyone using the ERSEM code to register as a user by filling in a short registration form. We’d love to get a better understanding of who is using the ERSEM code and for what applications, as it will help us to provide the best support to the user community. It will also allow you to receive information and news on the latest model developments.

ERSEM schematic

Schematic of ERSEM