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PML visits Australian Institute of Marine Science

15 August 2022

Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s Chief Executive Professor Icarus Allen was recently invited by the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) to be part of an expert review panel of the institute’s science.  
AIMS Headquarters in Townsville, Queensland

Above: AIMS Headquarters in Townsville, Queensland. Photo credit: Joe Giofree.

AIMS, which has facilities in Townsville, Darwin and Perth, is a world leader in tropical marine research. PML has a long-standing relationship with AIMS, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.  

Chief Executive Officer for AIMS, Dr Paul Hardisty, said: 

"At AIMS' invitation, eight experts from around the world have spent this week assessing how well our science is meeting our mission as Australia's premier tropical marine science agency.  This is an important part of our quality processes which ensure our science is of the highest calibre and relevance. 

"We collaborate with universities, other research institutes and industry from around the world, to ensure our science is world-class and will support the sustainable use and protection of our oceans. We value the contribution and input from those whohave been able to join us this week." 

Professor Allen added: 

“Collaboration and information-sharing is, and always has been, key to advancing science and developing best-practice. Plymouth Marine Laboratory is proud to have been invited to support an assessment of AIMS’ efficacy in terms of meeting its mission. It has also been a valuable opportunity to learn from others in the sector, who are also developing world-class, cutting-edge research; thereby supporting our collective mission of a more sustainable ocean future.” 


Above: AIMS' National Sea Simulator. Photo credit: Roslyn Budd.