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PML Annual Report and Financial Statements

PML's Annual Report and Financial Statements for the financial year 2021/2022 are now available.

The downloadable publication includes information on our financial activities as well as a variety of exciting developments for our science, impact and strategy.

The full contents of the report are shown below:

  1. Foreword by the Chair of Trustees
  2. A Message from our Chief Executive
  3. Our Year in Numbers
  4. Reference and Administrative Details
  5. Trustees’ Report
  6. Our Strategy
  7. Delivering our Strategic Priorities
  8. Financial Review
  9. Principal Risks & Uncertainties
  10. Structure, Governance & Management
  11. Statement of Trustees’ Responsibilities
  12. Independent Auditors’ Report
  13. Consolidated Statement of Financial Activities
  14. Consolidated Balance Sheet
  15. Balance Sheet
  16. Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows
  17. Notes to the Financial Statements

Our year in numbers

View our infographic below which summarizes some of our key achievements for the financial year 2021/2022.

Infographic showing key facts about the last year - image text available in downloadable PDF