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Our vision, mission and values

PML's mission is to pursue research excellence to support our vision of a healthy and sustainable ocean, through the delivery of impactful, cutting-edge environmental and social science.

Our vision is two-fold. Firstly, to undertake scientifically excellent research that generates greater understanding of the marine and aquatic environment, the threats it faces, its linkages and interactions with freshwater, terrestrial and atmospheric systems, and its relationship with human society.

Secondly, we will use this greater understanding to effect demonstrable change in the way in which the marine environment is appreciated, managed, protected and valued. We consider each of these two activities to be equally important with our objectives and organisational structures reflecting our social responsibility towards supporting a healthy, clean, biologically diverse and sustainably managed ocean.

Our strategy sets out how we will achieve this, focussing on four strategic priorities: 

  • Science excellence and impact – strengthening PML as a world leader delivering cutting edge, innovative environmental and social science with impact to support a sustainable ocean
  • Business excellence – ensuring PML is an effective, efficient and sustainable business.
  • Social responsibility – engaging and supporting our community both internally and externally
  • Environmental responsibility – demonstrating leadership and reducing PML’s impact on the environment. 

Our values

We have a set of seven core values which reflect our organizational culture and underpin the ethos of PML.

Our values


We cannot achieve our mission alone. So, we join forces with partners who bring complementary skills, knowledge, experience, assets, and connections. Together, we achieve more, and more cost-effectively.


We strive for excellence in all we do, from the quality of our science and the training we deliver, to the ways in which we communicate with partners to realise real-world impact.


As scientists, we are naturally curious to try new things and come up with better ways to solve problems. That’s what makes us tick, and that is where much of the value we provide to society comes from.


We believe high ethical standards are important, not only in our scientific research but in the way we do business with all our partners. In fundraising, that means being honest and transparent.. We own our mistakes and learn from them.


We are not here to check a box, complete a project, file a report. We are in this because it matters to us and to our beneficiaries, everyone who depends on a healthy and sustainable ocean now and for generations to come.


Respect is key in any partnership. We treat our colleagues and partners with respect.


We recognise that funding is precious and that we have a responsibility to our beneficiaries, funders, partners and other stakeholders to make the best possible use of it. 



Our vision:

"A healthy and sustainable ocean through the delivery of impactful, cutting edge environmental and social science enhancing PML’s position as a world leader in the field."

Our mission:

"Research excellence supporting a sustainable ocean."



Read a summary of our strategy:

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