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Dr Ana M Queirós

Dr Ana M Queirós

Senior Marine and Climate Change Ecologist

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Dr Ana Queirós has is an internationally recognised expert on seaweed blue carbon and climate change ecology, with expertise in field, laboratory and modelling based approaches.

Ana is working specifically on helping to manage ocean habitats through the advancement of our understanding of global blue carbon capacity and the identification of ecosystem-level climate signals. She recently published the first field-based quantification of sedimentary seaweed carbon sequestration in the wild, highlighting the need for joint conservation of seaweed and sedimentary habitats.

Ana has an extensive track record in the development of nature-based solutions for ocean management, and is leading research within globally distributed programmes that aim to help practitioners build climate resilience into marine conservation, restoration, harvesting and marine spatial planning, including important blue carbon habitat management (e.g. UNESCO Man & Biosphere programme collaborations).

Her work is presently funded through various NERC, UKRI GCRF, EMFF, H2020, and Copernicus programmes, in the UK, the EU, Tanzania, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, with broader collaborations world-wide. She has presented on these subjects at the United Nations Climate Change Conference since COP22. Google h-index 28, i-10 index = 48, >3,000 cites (October 2021)..


  • Marine Spatial Planning Addressing Climate Effects (MSPACE) - Sustainable Management of Marine Resources (
  • FutureMARES – EU Climate Change and Future Marine Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity (2020-2024, WP4 lead). A Horizon 2020 Programme.
  • COPERNICUS Climate Change Service (C3S) Marine Coastal & Fisheries Sectoral Information System: Marine Spatial Planning end-use demonstrator (2017-2021, Co-I, lead Marine Spatial Planning demonstrator). A project funded by COPERNICUS via ECMWF.
  • Spatial Data and Evidence Projects to support Marine Spatial Planning and the Goals of Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth (Co-I, scientific lead) A European Maritime Fisheries Fund/ Marie Institute project (2-18-2020)

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