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Chlorophyll a image courtesy of NEODAAS

Completed project

Project start: April 2015  |  Project end: March 2018
Funder: European Commission (EC)
Principal Investigator: Peter Walker
Other participants from PML: Dr Mike Grant, Mr Oliver Clements, Peter Walker

EarthServer explores solutions for the ‘big data’ problem, which has occurred in recent times because Earth Observation and climate datasets have grown too large to be stored on a standard computer or completely downloaded over the internet. This restricts their full use to scientists with high capacity connections and storage facilities.

Through exploring solutions, EarthServer improves server software for providing the data, allowing external scientists to perform simple analyses remotely without downloading everything and increasing the capability to serve these essential datasets. The project also facilitates increased data exchange.

Through simplifying and documenting solutions to the big data problem, we are enabling other institutes similar to ourselves to store and share large datasets.