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Science Group

Centre for Geospatial Applications

We deliver satellite Earth Observation (EO) products, and associated services, supported by PML research.  

The Centre for Geospatial Applications (CGA) spans the research and development side of PML group, as well as commercial aspects in PML Applications. Primarily focussing on Earth observation (EO), geographic information system (GIS), and data visualisation activities, the aim of the group is to deliver products and services with unrivalled efficiency and precision.

CGA works closely with other science areas, primarily EOSA, building on a foundation of mature research outputs, to deliver high-value products to Copernicus services (CMEMS and C3S), ESA, UK Space Agency and commercial customers.

These products mainly take the form of:
  • data derived from EO satellites
  • tools and software to allow users to draw relevant information from these data, and;
  • training and support services to aid users’ understanding.

CGA leads major projects on behalf of the “entrusted entities” of the EU Copernicus programme, namely the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), EUMETSAT, and Mercator Ocean International.

We are providing satellite-derived data products on an operational basis that feed into the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Services (CMEMS) and the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and also deliver shorter term projects for commercial customers across a range of sectors. 

People who work in this area of research

Ben Calton

Head of Geospatial Applications
bac12/1/2022 12:35:36

Dr Dan Clewley

Earth Observation Research Software Engineer
dac12/1/2022 12:35:36

Dr Ben Howey

Earth Observation Data Analyst
beh12/1/2022 12:35:36

William Jay

Airborne Earth Observation Data Analyst
wja12/1/2022 12:35:36

Dr Thomas Mansfield

Data Systems Architect
tma12/1/2022 12:35:36

Dr Nicola Martin

Senior Earth Observation Research Software Engineer
nima12/1/2022 12:35:36

Aser Mata

Earth Observation Scientist
asm12/1/2022 12:35:36

Jane Netting

Research Software Engineer
jatt12/1/2022 12:35:36

Benjamin O'Driscoll

Data Visualisation and GIS Developer
bod12/1/2022 12:35:36

Darren Snee

Data and Web Services Engineer
dsn12/1/2022 12:35:36

Peter Walker

Remote Sensing scientist
petwa12/1/2022 12:35:36

Simeon Wilkinson

Data Analyst & Systems Engineer
siwil12/1/2022 12:35:36