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All things ‘Sports and Social’ at Plymouth Marine Laboratory

A new year brings about new energy, and we’re delighted to share the new things afoot with our Sports and Social Club (SSC). 

Our cherished Sports and Social Club plays a big part in making Plymouth Marine Laboratory such a friendly, supportive and inclusive place to work. 

The club (which is free to join) offers the opportunity to socialise with colleagues in different departments and disciplines, try out new things, develop your interests, and make lifelong friends. 

Sports and Social Club Activities: 

Some of the existing activities organised by the club include: 

  • Climbing and bouldering 
  • Football 
  • Cycling and touring 
  • Gardening and wildlife 
  • Running and circuits 
  • Social events (from bake-offs, to cheese-and-wine nights, to meals out) 
  • Volleyball and croquet 
  • Tennis and table tennis 
  • Badminton and squash 
  • Creative writing 
  • Pilates 
  • Book and film club 

But there is always room for more, says new SSC co-chair Ben O’Driscoll: 

“We have some new faces on the SSC Executive Committee (including me!), we’re a friendly bunch and we’d really welcome ideas for new activities or groups. We have a budget too, so come and help us use it!” 

Meet the new Sports and Social Club Executive Committee:  

Benjamin O’ Driscoll: Co-Chair 

“Hi, I’m Ben, the new Co-Chair for the SSC. I've really enjoyed getting involved in lots of the activities that the SSC has organised since I joined PML back in April 2021. I really like the fact that all activities are open to all abilities, so please don't hesitate to give something new a go! One of my favourite clubs is Volleyball on the lawns outside PML (which will return in the spring, on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes) this is a great way to meet people from across the organisation in a friendly and relaxed environment. It is also a great way to get moving over your lunch break and get some fresh air! Get in touch with me if you have any ideas for new clubs or activities.” 

Emily Widdecombe: Co-Chair 

“Hello everyone! I'm Emily, new Co-Chair of SSC. After joining PML in October last year, I have been really pleased to discover what a warm, welcoming and active organization we have here. As co-chair of SSC it is my aim to broaden the scope of PML's social activities, and I am open to all new ideas and suggestions! You can find me running our new, fortnightly Creative Writing workshop, as well as taking the odd lunchtime sea swim. I also enjoy hiking, cycle touring and all manner of arts and crafts.” 

Thomas Jackson: Treasurer 

“Hi, I'm Tom, the SSC treasurer.  You may find me playing volleyball or ping pong on a lunch break and outside of PML I am also interested in Cycling, Paddleboarding, Surfing, Hiking, Squash, Board Games, Model painting, Reading and Films.  Always happy to talk about hobbies or try new activities so if you have any interests that you think others might enjoy then let us know.” 

Stefanie Broszeit: Secretary 

“My name is Stefanie Broszeit, I am the SSC secretary. I find that PML is full of fun and friendly people and the SSC is a great way to meet them. I enjoy getting people together and doing fun stuff such as the BBQ. You can find me in the creative writing group on a Tuesday. I also enjoy swimming, running, paddle boarding and exploring the countryside, sometimes with a bat detector.” 

Exciting things to look forward to this year:   

  • AGM on 7th March 2023 - Have your say on any ideas you have that will bring new life to the SCC. All ideas for activities and clubs welcome. 

  • PML Summer BBQ  

  • New SSC clubs, including Creative Writing Club, Beach + Surf Club, and more! 


Our Chief Executive Professor Icarus Allen added: 

“I’m delighted to see the Sports and Social Club grow and offer a wide range of activities, there really is something for everyone. PML is committed to developing the Sports and Social Club, as we recognise how it plays a big part in the happiness and wellbeing of our colleagues. The activities provide the opportunity to unwind and socialise, and it helps our colleagues feel at home here in the laboratory and in Plymouth.” 

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