Living with global change

We are investigating the uncertainties and long-term consequences of global environmental change on how ecosystems are structured, the functions they serve and the services they provide to humanity. In particular we are focusing on the essential contribution of the marine ecosystem to food security and the development of nature-based solutions to environmental problems.
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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Carbon (dioxide) Capture and Storage (CCS) is used as a mitigation strategy for addressing the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the...

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Marine spatial planning

Marine spatial planning brings together multiple users of the ocean to make informed and coordinated decisions about how to use marine resources...

Irish sea bathymetry

Modelling the Marine Environment

We are internationally renowned for our expertise in modelling the marine environment and we host one of the largest and most experienced marine...

Wind turbines out at sea

Renewable energy

Across the globe there is commitment to finding alternative sources of energy to reduce our dependency on the finite resources of fossil fuels...

Other recent news articles


Biggest ever Arctic research expedition sets sail

UK research teams, including scientists from PML, are set to join the first ever year-round expedition into the central Arctic Ocean to undertake ground-breaking studies into the Arctic climate system during the middle of the polar night.


Landmark global scale study reveals potential future impact of oa

Ocean acidification and the extent to which marine species are able to deal with low pH levels in the Earth’s seas, could have a significant influence on shifting the distribution of marine animals in response to climate warming.


Blue Carbon possibilities

Blue Carbon research focuses on the ways that oceans and vegetated coastal ecosystems, like mangroves, tidal marshes and seagrass beds, contribute to the global carbon budget. A new paper , by a team of world leading Blue Carbon experts, including PML Environmental Economist...

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