Facing the challenge of new pollutants

An ever-increasing global population is providing new challenges to the marine environment.  Population expansion is particularly prevalent in coastal regions and combined with an increase in maritime industrial developments a new range of pollutants are emerging.  These are far reaching, from carbon dioxide, to microplastics and biological discharges in ballast water.  PML scientists are working to understand the potential impacts of these pollutants and seek evidence-based solutions to the challenges they pose.
Wave breaking on the shore

Air-sea gas exchange

Ocean-atmosphere exchange has profound implications for our environment and the Earth's climate.

Moon Jellyfish lit under water

Invasive species

Marine species are introduced to new environments by several means including transport in ships ballast water, biofouling on ships hulls...

Plastic debris on a beach

Marine plastics

Plastic pollution is a growing threat to the world’s oceans, posing a serious risk to the health of marine life, ecosystems and potentially...

Ocean acidification diagram

Ocean acidification

The term ocean acidification is used to describe the ongoing decrease in ocean pH caused by human CO2 emissions, such as the burning of fossil...

Other recent news articles


Progress in UK Environmental Prediction research

​A recent workshop has highlighted the way forward for environmental predictions.


Scientists across the Atlantic working together for the health, wealth and the future of society

PML and the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will work much more closely together as of today, to address some of the key questions facing the sustainable future of the ocean, which ultimately supports the health, wealth and future of all life on...


Plymouth scientists invited to Washington

Two of the UK’s top environmental scientists have been invited to talk about the state of the world’s oceans to an audience including US Secretary of State John Kerry at an ocean summit in Washington. 

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