Touchy Feely GM algae

The genetic manipulation of marine microalgae has revolutionised the bespoke production of membrane associated products such as triacyl glycerides (energy product), omega 3 oils (nutraceuticals) and triterpenoids (pharmaceutical precursors). However, little is known about the ‘knock on’ effects of the induction or manipulation of these metabolites in the membranes of the microalgae involved.

This project seeks to utilise high speed atomic force microscopy to characterise the membrane topography of these industrial biological platforms with a view to both greater understanding of the implications of the genetic manipulation itself and to gain an insight on ways to improve/optimise metabolite production. This project aims to determine, quite literally, how algae feel after being genetically modified.

Further Information

CBMNet - Crossing Biological Membranes Network

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: CBMNet

Project start date: May 2018

Project end date: February 2019

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Professor Mike Allen
Microbial Biochemist

Other participants

Christopher Evans, Dr Tracey Beacham, Louisa Dedross