Social Impacts of Fisheries

The aim of this project was to provide the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) with a clear understanding of the current social impacts and value of marine activities in England, and how they can be successfully managed in the future.

Social impacts are the positive or negative effects an action, activity, programme or policy has on society, in terms of way of life, culture, health and wellbeing. Values can also be placed on activities based on the overall benefit individuals or communities gain from them. Understanding social impacts and the value of marine activities is required legally to support the implementation of a holistic marine planning system for UK waters. However, evaluating social impact and value is extremely complex as they vary spatially and over time.

In order to understand this, our scientists led an interdisciplinary group to undertake a review of available literature relating to impact, value, drivers of change and adaptation, as well as stakeholder consultation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping. This has led to a published report highlighting knowledge gaps, recommending approaches to improve understanding and providing the first steps to evaluating the success of social policy under marine planning. The report has a particular focus on the South of England, which is the second area for which marine plans are being developed.



This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: Marine Management Organisation (MMO)

Project start date: March 2013

Project end date: April 2014

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Dr Eleni Papathanasopoulou
Environmental Economist