Sea State CCI

Sea State CCI is part of the European Space Agency's programme to deliver long-term homogeneous datasets covering many of the recognised Essential Climate Variables. The 15-member consortium for the Sea State project is led by LOPS/Ifremer, with PML involved in the Algorithm Development Team.

Our goal is to improve algorithms for the recovery of wave height information from radar altimeters. The first 3-year phase of the project started in June 2018, and will have User Consultation Meetings in Ifremer (late 2019) and PML (late 2020).

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: European Space Agency

Project start date: May 2018

Project end date: May 2021

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Dr Graham Quartly
Physical oceanographer (Remote sensing)

Other participants

Dr Andrey Kurekin, Dr Francesco Nencioli