Research into impacts and safety in CO2 storage (RISCS)

RISCS was a European project that aimed to improve our understanding of the possible environmental impacts of geological storage of CO2. The project was designed to study a wide range of potential impacts, particularly environmental, thus providing tools for developing appropriate legislation and helping to ensure the safe management of CO2 storage sites.

The project aimed to underpin regulations through gaining understanding of the likelihoods and consequences of a variety of leakage scenarios on human populations, ecosystems and groundwater in both terrestrial and marine settings. RISCS shared the research and outcomes with stakeholders including environmental protection regulators and site operators as well as the public, with the creation of a ‘Guide for Impact Appraisal’.

Within the RISCS project our scientists led the modelling activities and were central to researching marine impacts.


This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: European Commission (EC)

Project start date: January 2010

Project end date: January 2014

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Jerry Blackford
Head of Science - Marine Ecosystems Models & Predictions

Other participants

Dr Ricardo Torres, Professor Steve Widdicombe