The MyOcean2 project is aimed at providing European citizens and businesses with easy access to satellite Earth Observation, in-situ and model data for European marine waters. The project follows as a continuation of the services and systems already implemented in MyOcean, a previous EU FP7 funded project.

MyOcean2 is part of the Copernicus initiative (previously called Global Monitoring for Environmental Security - GMES). The project involves data sharing and knowledge exchange to produce and deliver services based on ocean variables. These are required to help meet the information needs for those responsible for environmental and civil security policy making, assessment and implementation.

Within MyOcean2, PML forms part of the ocean colour thematic centre, responsible for providing a range of different satellite optical data products for the north Atlantic, European waters and the Arctic, such as estimates of chlorophyll concentration. To provide these estimates we have developed software systems for automatically downloading, processing and providing Earth Observation (EO) data.

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: European Commission (EC)

Project start date: April 2012

Project end date: October 2014

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Steve Groom
Head of Science - Earth Observation Science and Applications

Other participants

Silvia Pardo