Measurement, Monitoring and Verification of CO2 storage

This project was a collaboration between several institutes which worked to develop a marine monitoring system for underwater CCS sites.

Although there are existing technological applications which can detect carbon dioxide in a marine environment, there is a lack of integrated, cost-effective and commercially available systems which can reliably record and report anomalies in the level of carbon dioxide above a large store. The need to introduce capability for the robust monitoring of underground carbon dioxide storage sites is in response to legislation by the European Union on CO2 storage. 

Current research and evidence shows that leakage is highly unlikely, however if a leak were to occur it is difficult to predict with certainty where it would reach the seabed. As a part of this project outputs from PML model based applications were used to characterise with high precision the expected environmental characteristics of a leak from a CCS site in order to produce economically efficient design and monitoring strategies for CCS sites.

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: Energy Technologies Institute

Project start date: April 2014

Project end date: March 2017

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Jerry Blackford
Head of Science: Marine Systems Modelling Group

Other participants

Dr Lee de Mora, Dr Yuri Artioli