The aim of the GreenSeas project is to understand how planktonic ecosystems in the sea will respond to future environmental and climate changes. Combining observation data, numerical simulations and a cross-disciplinary synthesis, GreenSeas is developing a plankton and plankton ecology long time-series, data inventory and information service.

By making available both new and historical plankton data, information products and numerical simulations, GreenSeas enhances international co-operative links with other plankton monitoring and analysis surveys around the globe. Understanding how planktonic ecosystems in the sea will respond to change will help scientists to identify how these changes will impact on society in the future.

As an essential partner within GreenSeas, we contribute to all three science areas which make up the GreenSeas plankton database: in-situ based biogeochemical oceanography, remote sensing and numerical modelling.

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: European Commission (EC)

Project start date: January 2011

Project end date: July 2014

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Professor Icarus Allen
Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Science

Other participants

Dr John Bruun, Dr Marie-Fanny Racault, Dr Paul Somerfield, Professor Trevor Platt FRS