Flow and Benthic Ecology 4D (FLOWBEC)

The FLOWBEC project aims to investigate the potential impacts that tidal and wave energy harnessing devices may have on the marine environment. Through FLOWBEC, scientists hope to understand how changes to water flow and turbulence introduced by tidal technology might affect the various types of marine wildlife. As part of its research, Flowbec uses sonar technology to monitor fish and diving seabirds, assessing how they interact with the installation.

The knowledge gained through Flowbec will help to inform important environmental considerations when reviewing sustainable energy generation sites. The knowledge will also be shared through providing an open data resource for environmental scientists.

The tools developed in Flowbec will allow for direct simulations and evaluation of ecosystem impacts related to a large variety of factors, such as pollution from human activities, CO2 leaks arising from carbon capture and storage actions and marine renewable energy devices.

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Project start date: September 2011

Project end date: December 2014

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Dr Ricardo Torres
Systems Modeller Data Assimilation

Other participants

Dr Pierre Cazenave