DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status (DEVOTES)

The objective of DEVOTES is to gain better understanding of the relationship between pressures from human activities and climatic influences, and their effects on marine ecosystems. In addition, DEVOTES aims to test the European Commission indicators of Good Environmental Status (GES) and develop new, innovative ones to assess biodiversity throughout the four regional seas.

Innovative modelling and monitoring tools will also be tested to improve our understanding of ecosystem and biodiversity changes. Through refining the Marine Strategy Framework Directive’s indicators for GES, DEVOTES will strengthen the way we monitor the status of marine biodiversity.

Within the project we are leading investigations to determine the socio-economic implications of maintaining or changing current monitoring/management practices, which are focused on achieving and maintaining GES.

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: European Commission (EC)

Project start date: November 2012

Project end date: October 2016

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Other participants

Dr Ana Queirós, Dr Jose Fernandes Salvador, Dr Stefanie Broszeit