Basin Scale Analysis, Synthesis and Integration (Euro-Basin)

The Euro-Basin project aims to advance our understanding of how variability, global change and other factors will affect the North Atlantic Ocean and its associated shelf seas. The basin's ecosystems support major fisheries and are important for the utilization and removal of greenhouse gases. The project will predict the population structure and dynamics of key plankton and fish species of the North Atlantic and shelf seas, and assess the impacts of climate variability on North Atlantic marine ecosystems and their goods and services.

The North Atlantic Ocean and its shelf seas are crucial for the ecological, economic, and societal health of both Europe and North America. The research undertaken by this project will feed into climate change management strategies, future fisheries management and ultimately improving management of North Atlantic marine ecosystems.

Our involvement in the Euro-Basin project ranges from simulating the response of marine ecosystems through the use of models, to assessing the response of plankton species to climatic change.

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: European Commission (EC)

Project start date: January 2011

Project end date: December 2014

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Professor Icarus Allen
Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Science

Other participants

Dr Jose Fernandes Salvador, Dr Momme Butenschon, Dr Pennie Lindeque