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Louise McNeill

Benthic Ecologist and Faunal Taxonomist

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Louise is a benthic ecologist working within the Marine Ecology and Biodiversity group. Specific research interests include the functional diversity of marine benthic ecosystems focusing on macrofaunal invertebrates. Louise has 22 years’ experience in taxonomic identification of benthic macrofauna and has led manipulative mesocosm experiments addressing the effects of ocean acidification and global climate change. Louise also conducts monthly offshore field observations in the Plymouth Sound as part of the world leading “Western Channel Observatories Benthic Time Series”.


DREAMS - Decommissioning - Relative Effects of Alternative Management Strategies

Contact: Dr Paul Somerfield

The highly integrated DREAMS project is designed to bring together information about the effects of man-made structures on the marine ecosystem and...

The Changing Arctic Ocean Seafloor (ChAOS) - how changing sea ice conditions impact biological communities, biogeochemical processes and ecosystems

Contact: Professor Steve Widdicombe

The ChAOS project will focus on how climate change and diminishing sea ice affects impact biological communities, biogeochemical processes and...

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