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Louisa deDross

PhD Student

Contact Details

+44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)


NERC GW4+ funded PhD Researcher based at Plymouth Marine Laboratory studying through the School of Biological Sciences, Bristol University and in line with an industrial partnership with Algenuity.

Currently working on the development of natural algal virus platforms for scalable industrial biotechnology, Louisa’s research focusses on the use of E. huxleyi and C. vulgaris for production of ceramides and hyaluronans as potentially lucrative medical and cosmetic products.

Supervisors: Professor Mike Allen (PML), Dr. Tracey Beacham (PML), Marian Yallop (Bristol), Andrew Spicer (Algenuity)


Touchy Feely GM algae
Touchy Feely GM algae

Contact: Professor Mike Allen

The genetic manipulation of marine microalgae has revolutionised the bespoke production of membrane associated products such as triacyl glycerides ...

Other key projects

  • Scruffy Biotech- Large Volume Airlift Bioreactor Process Development