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Dr Hayley Evers-King

Earth Observation Scientist

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Hayley works on the development of a broad range of applications relating to satellite ocean colour data. From ocean heat flux, to carbon content, phytoplankton cell size, plume detection, algorithm development, and satellite and model validation. She also manages two projects providing expert support and delivering training with EUMETSAT under the European Commission Copernicus Programme. She is a keen science communicator involved in MOOCs, YouTube videos, social media outreach, blogs, and recently gave her first TEDx talk.



Portugal Twinning for Innovation and Excellence in Marine Science and Earth Observation (PORTWIMS)

Contact: Steve Groom

Through innovation, collaboration and capacity building, PORTWIMS aims to enhance the science, technology and profile of marine science at the...



Contact: Dr Gavin Tilstone

The AMT4SentinelFRM project focuses on providing high quality reference measurements to validate Sentinel satellite data during the Atlantic...

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Other key projects

  • ESA Ocean Heat Flux
  • EUMETSAT Monitoring the Oceans from Space

Recent publications

  • Bentamy, A; Piollé, JF; Grouazel, A; Danielson, R; Gulev, S; Paul, F; Azelmat, H; Mathieu, PP; von Schuckmann, K; Sathyendranath, S; Evers-King, H; Esau, I; Johannessen, JA; Clayson, CA; Pinker, RT; Grodsky, SA; Bourassa, M; Smith, SR; Haines, K; Valdivieso, M; Merchant, CJ; Chapron, B; Anderson, A; Hollmann, R; Josey, SA. 2017 Review and assessment of latent and sensible heat flux accuracy over the global oceans. Remote Sensing of Environment, 201. 196-218.
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  • Miloslavich, P; Seeyave, S; Muller-Karger, F; Bax, N; Ali, E; Delgado, C; Evers-King, H; Loveday, BR; Lutz, V; Newton, J; Nolan, G; Peralta Brichtova, AC; Traeger-Chatterjee, C; Urban, E. 2018 Challenges for global ocean observation: the need for increased human capacity. Journal of Operational Oceanography. 1-20.
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  • Schmidt, W; Evers-King, HL; Campos, CJA; Jones, DB; Miller, PI; Davidson, K; Shutler, JD. 2018 A generic approach for the development of short-term predictions of Escherichia coli and biotoxins in shellfish. Aquaculture Environment Interactions, 10. 173-185.
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  • Martinez-Vicente, V; Evers-King, H; Roy, S; Kostadinov, T; Tarran, GA; Graff, JR; Brewin, RJW; Dall’Olmo, G; Jackson, T; Hickman, A; Rottgers, R; Krasemann, H; Maranon, E; Platt, T; Sathyendranath, S. 2017 Intercomparison of ocean colour algorithms for picophytoplankton carbon in the ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science, 4. 378, pp.
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  • Evers-King, H; Martinez-Vicente, V; Brewin, RJW; Dall’Olmo, G; Hickman, AE; Jackson, T; Kostadinov, TS; Krasemann, H; Loisel, H; Röttgers, R; Roy, S; Stramski, D; Thomalla, S; Platt, T; Sathyendranath, S. 2017 Validation and Intercomparison of Ocean Color Algorithms for Estimating Particulate Organic Carbon in the Oceans. Frontiers in Marine Science, 4.
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Selected key publications

Blamey, LK; Shannon, LJ; Bolton, JJ; Crawford, RJM; Dufois, F; Evers-King, H; Griffiths, C. L; Hutchings, L; Jarre, A; Rouault, M; Watermeyer, KE; Winker, H. 2015. Ecosystem change in the southern Benguela and the underlying processes. Journal of Marine Systems, 144, 9–29.

Evers-King, H; Bernard, S; Robertson Lain, L; and Probyn, TA. 2014. Sensitivity in reflectance attributed to phytoplankton cell size: forward and inverse modelling approaches. Optics Express, 22(10), 11536–11551.

Pitcher, GC; Probyn, TA; du Randt, A; Lucas, AJ; Bernard, S; Evers-King, H; Lamont, T; Hutchings, L. 2014. Dynamics of oxygen depletion in the nearshore of a coastal embayment of the southern Benguela upwelling system. Journal of Geophysical Research, 119, 2183–2200.

Robertson Lain, L; Bernard, S; Evers-King, H. 2014. Biophysical modelling of phytoplankton communities from first principles using two-layered spheres: Equivalent Algal Populations (EAP) model. Optics Express, 22(14), 16745–16758.

Bernard, S; Pitcher, GC; Evers-King, H; Robertson, L; Matthews, MW; Rabagliati, A; Balt, C. 2014. Ocean Colour Remote Sensing of Harmful Algal Blooms in the Benguela System. In Barale, V. and Gade, M., editors, Remote Sensing of the African Seas, pages 185–203. Springer.

Other activities

  • PI for Copernicus Marine Applications Expert Support, and Copernicus Marine Ocean Training Service for EUMETSAT.
  • Member of PML's Athena Swan Committee