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Dr Gennadi Lessin

Marine System Modeller

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Gennadi Lessin’s main area of expertise is modelling benthic processes and benthic-pelagic interactions using ERSEM. He is working on developing and refining formulations of biogeochemical and biological processes with an aim to increase understanding of ecosystem functioning and dynamics under changing conditions. One of his major areas of interest is modelling response of benthic environment to low pH in the context of ocean acidification and impacts of potential leakage from CCS sites.

He is also interested in modelling dynamics of climatically-active gases, with a specific focus on sinks and sources of methane in shelf seas.

Prior to joining PML in 2013, Gennadi worked at the Marine Systems Institute at Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), implementing coupled hydrodynamic-ecosystem models to study eutrophication processes in the Baltic Sea. In 2010-2012 he was a Seconded National Expert at European Commission, Joint Research Centre (Ispra, Italy).


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Selected key publications

  • Lessin G, Raudsepp U, Maljutenko I, Laanemets J, Passenko J et al. (2014) Model study on present and future eutrophication and nitrogen fixation in the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea. Journal of Marine Systems 129: 76-85, DOI: 10.1016/j.jmarsys.2013.08.006.
  • Lessin, G., & Raudsepp, U. (2007). Modelling the spatial distribution of phytoplankton and inorganic nitrogen in Narva Bay, southeastern Gulf of Finland, in the biologically active period. Ecological Modelling, 201(3), 348-358.
  • Lessin, G., & Raudsepp, U. (2006). Water quality assessment using integrated modeling and monitoring in Narva Bay, Gulf of Finland. Environmental Modeling and Assessment, 11(4), 315-332.