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Dr Elizabeth C. Atwood

Earth Observation Data Analyst

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+44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)


As a Research Scientist in the PML Remote Sensing group, Liz Atwood works on a variety of projects dealing with coastal water quality monitoring and marine plastics detection.

Liz gained her earlier degrees in Mathematics, Marine Biology and Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management before specializing in Remote Sensing. She earned her doctoral degree from LMU Munich while concurrently working at a small consulting firm, RSS – Remote Sensing Solution GmbH (Munich, Germany). There she completed her thesis on plastic pollution detection and quantification in river and coastal waters, and thereafter was employed as project manager on both marine and land topics.

Her main research interests lie in coastal water quality algorithm development, hyperspectral remote sensing development, riverine plastic modelling & monitoring, and UAV-based data collection methods for validation of satellite data as well as within river detection purposes.




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