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Dr Caroline Hattam

Environmental Economist

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Dr Caroline Hattam is a Senior Scientist at PML. As an environmental economist, her main area of research is in the assessment and valuation of marine ecosystem services and its application to marine management. She uses mixed methods in her work including economic techniques, subjective well-being measures, qualitative assessments and deliberative methods and is beginning to expand into the use of visual methods. She is particularly interested in how these methods can be improved and used to complement each other. In addition, Caroline undertakes research exploring the social, economic and well-being impacts of changes in the marine environment (resulting from e.g. MPAs, offshore wind farms and ocean acidification) and what strategies can be employed to build resilience to change among coastal communities.

Caroline has played a lead role in many national projects (e.g. leading the socio-economics component of the UK Ocean Acidification Programme and understanding the well-being impacts of offshore wind farms for The Crown Estate) and international projects (e.g. EU FP7 Vectors, European Commission funded project on the economic benefits of MPAs, GCRF project on building resilience among coastal communities to declining coral reefs in the Western Indian Ocean), managing academics and stakeholders from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. She has a PhD in Agricultural and Food Economics and before joining PML she has worked in the UK and overseas in different capacities (academic, NGO and UN agency). She regularly leads and participates in engagement activities with stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds (from subsistence farmers and fishermen to the public, students, academics, resource managers and policy makers).


GCRF Blue Communities

GCRF Blue Communities

Contact: Professor Melanie Austen

GCRF Blue Communities is a 4 year research capacity-building programme for marine planning in East and South-East (E/SE) Asia, funded by UK...

S-3 EUROHAB - Sentinel products for detecting EUtROphication and Harmful Algal Bloom events

S-3 EUROHAB - Sentinel products for detecting EUtROphication and Harmful Algal Bloom events

Contact: Dr Gavin Tilstone

S-3 EUROHAB will use the latest satellite technology to improve the way water quality and harmful algal blooms (HABs) are monitored in the English...

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Other key projects

  • Newton Fund 2017-2018 (PI): Using Nexus Thinking to Empower Community-Based Management of Mangrove Fisheries.
  • GCRF Building Resilience 2017 (PI): Coral Communities - Building Socio-Ecological Resilience to Coral Reef Degradation in the Islands of the Western Indian Ocean.
  • NERC ESIP 2017-2021 (Co-I): South West Partnership for Environment and Economic Prosperity (SWEEP).
  • EASME 2016-2017 (Co-I/PML PI): The Economic Benefits of Marine Protected Areas.
  • The Crown Estate 2015 (PI): Understanding the well-being impacts of Offshore Wind Energy Generation.

Selected key publications

Hattam, C., Atkins, J.P., Beaumont, N., Bӧrger, T., Bӧhnke-Henrichs, A., Burdon, D., de Groot, R., Hoefnagel, E., Nunes, P.A.L.D., Piwowarczyk, J., Sastre, S., Austen, M.C. (2015) Marine ecosystem services: linking indicators to their classification. Ecological Indicators 49: 61-75.

Börger, T., Hattam, C., Burdon, D., Atkins, J.P., Austen, M.C. (2014) Valuing conservation benefits of an offshore marine protected area. Ecological Economics 108: 229-241.

Hattam, C., Gall, S., Mangi and Rodwell (2014) Social impacts of a temperate fisheries closure: understanding stakeholders' views. Marine Policy 45: 269-278.

Hilmi, N., Allemand, D., Dupont, S., Safa, A., Haraldsson, G., Nunes, P.A.L.D., Moore, C., Hattam, C., Reynaud, S., Hall-Spencer, J.M., Fine, M., Turley, C., Jeffree, R., Orr, J., Munday, P.L., Cooley, S.R. (2013) Towards improved socio-economic assessments of ocean acidification’s impacts. Marine Biology DOI 10.1007/s00227-012-2031-5

Other activities

Education materials: 

FAO (2015) Youth Quick Guide to the Ocean. Caroline Hattam, Tara Hooper, Alashiya Gordes and Reuben Sessa (Eds). 

FAO (2013) Oceans Challenge Badge