Sustainable chemicals from microalgae: encompassing biocrude through to fine chemicals

Sustainable chemicals from microalgae: encompassing biocrude through to fine chemicals


On 19 November 2013, 09.00 - 17.00, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Chemistry Centre in London will be hosting a one day conference with the aim of bringing together researchers from academia and industry at all levels interested in developing microalgae in industrial biotechnology.

This symposium will be highly interdisciplinary and will be co-sponsored by the BBSRC, a major funder of biotechnology-related research within the UK. A short update on recent developments in the funding landscape relevant to this field will be presented during the meeting.

This meeting will take place during 'Chemistry Week' and as such forms one of a wide variety of activities taking place at the RSC Chemistry Centre during this time highlighting the value of science to society. This year's theme is human health.

Included in the broad range of expert speakers at the conference will be PML scientists Steve Skill (presenting) and Dr Carole Llewellyn (Chair of the Scientific Committee). In addition to the excellent scientific content this highly interdisciplinary one day meeting will provide good opportunities for networking and building collaborations with other researchers in the field. A number of conference bursaries and travel grants for students and early career scientists will be available for RSC members.


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