PML’s Dr Phil Nightingale

PML scientist awarded Professorship


PML’s Dr Phil Nightingale, has been awarded an honorary Professorship from the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia, UEA.

The Professorship was awarded in recognition of Dr Nightingale’s outstanding academic achievements and overall contribution to his discipline, cementing the long standing collaborative relationship between PML and UEA.

Dr Nightingale commented: “I’m absolutely delighted to receive the appointment of an Honorary Professor in the School of Environmental Sciences at UEA. The award is in recognition of the effort I, and many other staff at PML, have put in to improving our understanding of how the oceans and atmosphere interact and in particular the role of marine biogeochemistry in the Earth’s climate.  Much of this research has been achieved in close collaboration with scientists and post-graduate students at UEA. I hope that the strong connection between the two organisations will continue to flourish into the future.” 

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