The PML Modellers

The PML modelling group has 20 years specialist experience of interpreting and quantifying marine system function and its relationship with the physical environment by developing mathematical models and promoting coupled complex models.

The team is made up for experts in the field from across Europe. For further information on any of our ongoing work or to dicuss new ventures please contact one of the team directly. 

Jerry Blackford
Head of Science - Marine Ecosystems Models & Predictions
Francesco Pallottino
PhD Student
Dr Yuri Artioli
Marine Ecosystem Modeller
Michael Bedington
Dr Jorn Bruggeman
Marine Ecosystem Modeller
Dr Pierre Cazenave
Numerical Modeller
Dr Stefano Ciavatta
Marine System Scientist/Modeller
Dr James Clark
Marine Ecosystem Modeller
Dr Helen Powley
Dr Lee de Mora
Marine Ecosystem Modeller
Jessica Heard
Project Manager and Knowledge Transfer Co-ordinator
Dr Susan Kay
Numerical Modeller
Dr Gennadi Lessin
Marine System Modeller
Dr Luca Polimene
Marine Ecosystem Modeller
Sevrine Sailley
Ecosystem modeller
Dr Jozef Skakala
Ecosystem Modeller
David Sursham
PhD Student
Dr Ricardo Torres
Systems Modeller Data Assimilation
Professor Icarus Allen
Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Science