Maritime Apprentice

£14,461 per annum

The ocean and coastal seas are the most exciting, yet challenging, environments to work in.  Over the past thirty years, Plymouth Marine Laboratory has been at the forefront of pushing forward our understanding of the oceans using a combination of observations and modelling.  PML is looking to appoint an Apprentice based in its Ships Group, to combine work based learning with a formal qualification leading to a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Maritime Studies.
On completion of the apprenticeship there may be a possibility of an exciting career in this group working at sea on the RV Plymouth Quest and Rib Plymouth Explorer in support of scientific research. 

Purpose of Apprenticeship

PML is looking for a talented and enthusiastic sea going apprentice to join our team of Ships staff to support the scientific research being undertaken of the Western Channel Observatory and other scientific projects. 

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. To work on the deck of RV Plymouth Quest as part of a crew of 4 in varying roles and sometimes arduous conditions.
  2. To take water samples with a rosette sampler to gathering electronic data with various pieces of equipment fitted to the vessel.
  3. To use numerous mechanical samplers for bottom sampling.
  4. To assist the engineers in performing basic tasks to keep the vessel running smoothly and safely: this can vary from engine servicing to fixing mechanical hardware.
  5. To help in the housekeeping of the vessel which will include the cleaning and tidying and basic seamanship tasks of dealing with ropes and moorings.
  6. To work on the deck of the RIB PML Explorer, providing assistance and good housekeeping tasks as required.
  7. Accept legal responsibility for own safety and that of others, including, where appropriate, staff for whom there is a management responsibility. 

Qualifications and Skills needed:

GCSE C or above in Mathematics and English
Excellent communication skills
Aptitude for problem solving and using initiative
Good eye for detail
Ability and willingness to follow correct procedures
Basic computer skills
The ability to work well as part of a team
The Apprenticeship will be running in conjunction with Whitby Training School and will require several residential stays in Yorkshire for significant periods of time.
22 month Apprenticeship from August 2018 – May 2020
Enrolment will be 28th August 2018 at Whitby Training School.
If you are interested in this exciting opportunity – please contact Lizzi Hamilton or email