Audit & Finance Committee 

To ensure that PML has in place effective systems and methods of financial control and risk management and that it complies with all aspects of law, relevant regulations and good practice.

Trustee membership
Mr Nigel Godefroy FCA (Chair)

Chief Executive
Finance Director
Company Secretary

Science Advisory Council

To provide strategic direction for PML’s activities and to undertake periodic review of PML’s research programme.

Members are from universities, science organizations and bodies as well as policy makers from government departments. Each year a review panel is selected from the overall membership.

The members of this year's SAC include:

Prof. Ralph Rayner - SAC chair and PML Trustee
Prof. Tim Jickells - University of East Anglia and PML Trustee
Prof. Bess Ward - Princeton University and PML Trustee

Prof. Colin Brownlee - Marine Biological Association
Prof. Kevin Flynn - Swansea University
Prof. Brendan Godley - University of Exeter
Prof. John Remedios - Director of the National Centre for Earth Observation, University of Leicester