Dr John Bruun

Environmental Statistician and Modeller

John Bruun

Contact Details

+44 (0)1752 633100

John works at PML as a Senior Scientist: Environmental Statistician and Modelling Scientist and was appointed in August 2011 to an open-ended strategic role as part of building on the platform of statistical science in the PML multi-disciplinary work setting.

John's main research themes at PML currently cover analysis and interdisciplinary research on:

Green Seas: research to advance the quantitative knowledge of how the Atlantic plankton ecosystem will respond to environmental and climate change.

Time series analysis & applied analysis methods: at PML leading the theme on the appropriate use of time series analysis applied to Environmental and Marine systems.

John’s background is in theoretical physics and statistics. John has a 20 year career with a PhD in theoretical physics (Lancaster University) analysing the statistical properties of disordered systems and subsequently an Environmental Statistician of developing, lecturing and applying statistical time series methods in the Environment Sciences research based at Lancaster University. This includes developing and applying time-series analysis methods in physical, environmental and socio-economic systems.

John’s professional career involves a combination of deep physics based numerical modelling research, a solid statistical research capability with applications focused environmental systems including marine-coastal systems and a thorough development of management and delivery of analytics solutions in a commercial team setting. A key theme that John links across these interdisciplinary fields is the development of sound model system identification methods / algorithms that provide practical and robust applied solutions to the tasks at hand.

More recently John has for a decade applied his analytical capability in the Global FMCG private sector as a Global Modelling and Analytics manager applying and developing multivariate time series identification and forecasting models/ tools and analyses of designs involving socio-economic drivers to inform critical global economic strategies that quantify value return on investment.


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John Bruun, Andy Rees, John Stephens, Sandy Thomalla, Raissa Philibert, Howard Waldron, Paul Somerfield, Emil Jeansson, Richard Bellerby, Denis Moiseev. (2012) Assessment of seasonal and decadal signals in the in‐situ Atlantic plankton data. ICES 2012 Annual Science Conference in Bergen, Sept 2012, paper 2791

Young, PC, McKenna, P and Bruun, J (2001), Identification of non-linear stochastic systems by state dependent parameter estimation. Int. J of Control, Vol 74, 18, 1837-1857.

Bruun, JT and Tawn JA (1998), Comparison of approaches for estimating the probability of coastal flooding, Applied Statistics, 47, 3, 405-423 

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