Prize awarded for Knowledge Exchange and Technology


Congratulations to PML Senior Earth Observation Scientist Dr Peter Miller, the first recipient of the Professor Christopher Knowles Prize.  

The Professor Christopher Knowles Prize is awarded to the PML scientist who has most contributed to Knowledge Exchange and Technology Transfer, leading to a potential or actual product or process of commercial value, from their scientific work at PML. This prize is only awarded in years where a genuine impact has been made.

Dr Peter Miller is the first recipient of the Professor Christopher Knowles Prize in recognition of his commercialization of satellite applications. His work, for which the award is being made, focuses on two areas: 

- Early detection of harmful algal blooms to protect aquaculture sites. This work has led to the reduction of financial losses by Scottish salmon farmers, and is being extended to the wider aquaculture sector.

- Ocean front detection and mapping tools that inform the delineation of marine protected areas and guide missions using seagliders and other autonomous vehicles. Commercial success has been through a range of national and international clients.

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